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WATCH: Here's how China's 'alternative economic system​' could collapse the U.S. economy

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Kevin Freeman, host of BlazeTV's "Economic War Room," joined Glenn Beck on the radio show to explain why China and Russia's involvement in the U.S. economy is becoming more and more concerning.

Not only are nations like China investing millions of dollars into American companies, but now they are banding together to create an alternative economic system from the one used in the West. So, if China wants to pull the plug on our financial system, they could without destroying their own economy.

"We've talked on this program about the $50 trillion that China has just printed," Glenn said." And $24 [trillion] of that looks like it went to offshore accounts and was invested in stocks, bonds, et cetera, here in the United States and in the West. I mean, that is a staggering amount of money. If somebody wants to collapse the market, $20 trillion, $15 trillion, makes the markets move dramatically, does it not?"

"It would," Freeman answered. "You normally wouldn't be concerned because a major nation would realize that the blowback, if you destroyed the global financial system, would be so severe. The frightening thing to me, is that China has, along with Russia and other nations, created virtually an alternative economic system that doesn't use the Western system at all ... and so normally you would say, no sane nation that's not collapsing would collapse the world economy, because it would just damage them too much. But we're fast approaching the point where they may have an alternative system, if they wanted to pull the plug on the West, they could restart very quickly, and they would be winners from this."

Watch the video below for more details:

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Watch the full episode here.

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