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Beck: Energy crisis will be FATAL

Beck: Energy crisis will be FATAL

Most of us were aware that when the Inflation Reduction Act was signed by President Biden, it had nothing to do with decreasing inflation. Besides spending billions of taxpayers dollars, what the act is actually accomplishing is further destruction — specifically regarding energy.

Beck charges that “the Inflation Reduction Act is nothing but a Trojan horse. And that is closing down our power plants. These companies are given billions of dollars of your money, billions of dollars to shut down the operating coal-fired plants and then build something else.”

He continues, “What makes this really, really insidious is to get all of the money, you have to destroy or dismantle your power plants. So, power plants are going up for sale, and some of them are selling dirt cheap. These things take years to build, if not a decade, and cost billions of dollars.”

According to Beck, what they’re doing is “literally lights out.”

He asserts that “people will die because of this,” and it’s “your own government doing it to you.”

He goes on to explain that the reason these disastrous policies were hidden in the Inflation Reduction Act is because officials KNEW that they couldn’t pass them otherwise.

No one in their right mind would be willing to give up their ability to survive to appease new government regulation.

Ron DeSantis agrees, saying on Beck’s new podcast episode, “How stupid can you be to try to neuter our own ability to produce our own reliable energy? How does that make our country stronger to be relying on, and here’s the thing — Biden will not want it done here. He’ll go beg Maduro for oil, he’ll go beg other people for oil.”

DeSantis continues, “It’s all for them to exert more control over us. That’s what this is about.”

He then calls the people behind this “sick” and “ideologically captured,” saying that “these are not people that should be anywhere near the levers of power.”

Power truly is all they can see.

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