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Pride Month may be used to INVESTIGATE churches in America?

The Glenn Beck Program

James Lindsay has a warning for Christians.

“I think we’re going to see two attacks through Pride using LGBTQ,” Lindsay tells Glenn Beck.

Lindsay believes the first attack Pride will be behind is to target corporations that skew as American brands, like Ford, Target, and Bud Light — in order to get a rise out of conservatives.

The second attack will be that “they will attack religious icons, they will go after children,” again, in order to get a rise out of conservatives.

“It’s almost like they’ve woke up a dragon, and they’re going to feed the dragon and get them to do something stupid that will then turn around and get used against them,” Lindsay says.

He says one of the ways it could be used against them is through church.

“Whether it’s investigate churches, shut down churches, come down on conservative Christianity, just from a political perspective so that they’re the domestic terrorist hotbeds of the country,” he explains.

Glenn is shocked by Lindsay’s prediction.

“That is a huge statement to make that they will shut down our churches,” Glenn says.

While Lindsay admits there is little the federal government could do in the immediate future, he says we have to be strategic to ensure nothing does actually happen.

“If we’re not thinking intelligently about how we approach this — there’s already large dossiers written for the federal government saying that the cause of January 6, which of course is their favorite thing to go to — was not even MAGA or Trump,” he says.

Rather, they say it’s “Christian nationalism,” which reportedly is a rising domestic terror threat.

“So, if they can use some excuse to label churches as breeding grounds for domestic terrorism, you can bet the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, and maybe the IRS are going to be cracking down and spying on churches,” Lindsay adds.

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