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Swimmer EXPOSES ‘emotional blackmail’ within trans athlete debate

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When a man can compete against women simply because he claims to be a female, society has gone too far.

NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines was recently interviewed by Glenn Beck about Leah Thomas, the controversial transgender swimmer.

“I am convinced, every day, that people know the truth … our commonsense gut is pretty good. And this stuff that is going on in almost all fronts, people are not for, but they won’t say anything,” Beck said.

“People are scared,” Gaines responded. “The lengths these universities are going to silence [athletes’] voices — it’s actually really scary.”

According to Gaines’ conversations with Thomas’ teammates, heavy amounts of emotional blackmail are involved in the silencing of those who protest the new, woke norms.

“When [Thomas’ teammates] were concerned about sharing a locker room with someone who possessed and was exposing male genitalia ... their administration responded back with, 'If you feel uncomfortable with seeing male genitalia, here are some counseling recourses,”' Gaines explained.

“They were forced to go to mandatory LGBTQ meetings every week,” continued Gaines. “They were told … that they were not allowed to use their voices because their school had already taken their stance for them.”

These swimmers’ freedom of speech stripped from them under the guise of "tolerance."

But the censorship doesn’t end with college athletes. Even dissenting doctors are forced into conformity.

“The medical professionals that are being silenced right now — it’s absolutely horrifying what is going to happen,” Beck said. “That is the way to get groupthink in your medical profession.”

Forcing people to say “men can be equivalent to women” is as Orwellian as forcing people to say that “two plus two equals five.” That is a dangerous place for society to be.

“We know the differences between men and women, and to deny that is denying science, it’s denying common sense and logic,” Gaines said.

The silent majority has been bullied into playing by rules that defy reality. The only way to win back the culture is to speak out.

Watch the full video below:

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