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There's ANOTHER genocide in the Middle East that you probably didn't know about

There's ANOTHER genocide in the Middle East that you probably didn't know about

While the horrors committed by Hamas in Israel are tragic, there’s yet another genocide occuring under our noses.

In Azerbaijan, there’s a liquidation going on of the Armenian people. They happen to make up the first Christian nation on earth.

“It’s just getting precious little play, and more people need to know about it,” Samuel Brownback, former international religious freedom ambassador at large, tells Glenn Beck of what’s happening.

Brownback explains that Turkey is the "puppetmaster" in this situation, “pushing, and allowing, and giving military armament to Azerbaijan,” while “the Biden administration is looking another way.”

According to Brownback, Azerbaijan has wanted Armenia and its Christian enclaves “out of there,” as it’s a “bone in their throat.”

The Armenians trapped in Azerbaijan have been starved and cut off from resources. About 100,000 have escaped, but Brownback says there are probably 20,000 still there.

“This is yet another ancient Christian population being driven out of this Middle East ... extended region,” he explains. "What will happen, they’ll go to Armenia, they’ll be absorbed into Europe, into the United States, Australia, Canada, but it’ll be another one gone.”

Brownback believes that what’s happening in Azerbaijan is very similar to what’s happening between Israel and Palestine.

“Armenia is to Christendom what Israel is to Judaism. It’s kind of the first, and now Israel is the only Jewish nation, and Armenia is the first, and you’ve got Muslim population surrounding both, trying to kick them out,” Brownback tells Glenn.

Brownback describes how what’s happening is due to the “axis of evil” between Iran, Russia, and China.

“They’re out to take over the world, and they’ve been losing ground, but now they’re out there pushing to gain back ground. So Russia goes after Ukraine, Iran is behind Hamas and Hezbollah and pushing on Israel,” he explains.

Turkey, which has wanted to do this for a thousand years, is choosing to do this now because “we have an administration in Washington that won’t fight back.”

Glenn is outraged.

“This is going to get much, much worse. These are Christians that just want to be left alone. They are the oldest Christian nation, and they are being liquidated,” he says.

However, help isn’t just on its way — it’s already there.

The Nazarene Fund, backed by The Blaze, is on the ground in Armenia. The Fund is helping with temporary housing, life-sustaining food, and medicine.

There are currently 100,000 refugees right now in Armenia, and Glenn’s immediate concern is securing warm shelter before the winter arrives. “It’s unforgiving in Armenia,” he adds.

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