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'It was grotesque': Firsthand accounts from a child groomi​ng drag show

The News & Why It Matters

It is hard to comprehend what goes through a person's mind when they enthusiastically participate in destroying the innocence of children.

On this episode of "The News & Why It Matters," BlazeTV host Sara Gonzalez spoke with a panel of brave conservatives who acquired firsthand accounts of what had happened over the weekend at a drag brunch for children.

Blaze contributor and host of "The Conspiracy Castle" Alex stein, assistant editing manager of "Next News Network" on YouTube Aldo Buttazzoni, and BlazeTV contributor and host of "Heck Off Commie" John Doyle joined Sara to discuss the disturbing content procured on Saturday's event.

The Libs of TikTok — a Twitter page known for exposing the grooming and overall mental decline of the liberal portion of society — revealed a drag event marketed toward children. The news of this event caught the attention of Sara's panel, and they decided to attend the event to see what was going on.

The event, held at a gay bar in the Oak Lawn neighborhood near downtown Dallas on Saturday, featured a neon light on the wall that read, "It's not going to lick itself." Beneath the sign was a catwalk where men dressed in drag danced and pulled children up to strut alongside them. Parents in attendance with their children encouraged their kids to tip the drag queens based on their hyper-sexualized performances.

Outside, Antifa stood masked, aggressive, and ready to silence the protesters who merely wanted to protect the innocence of children. Read more.

"When I saw the Libs of TikTok post about it, I bought my ticket immediately because I knew somebody needed to be there on the inside to record what's going on," John said. "And it was nothing short of child grooming."

The reoccurring sentiment expressed by the whole panel is that weak men are to blame for this type of grooming. These young boys need a strong male to protect them from abusive mothers.

In the first clip, a visibly uncomfortable young boy was pulled to walk the runway from the audience. The crowd was cheering, but the visual of the expression on the boy's face was enough to cause any empathetic human's heart to break.

"Wow!" Sara reacted, "he looks so embarrassed." In the video footage, drag queens are seen dancing in a sexualized manner as parents feed their children dollar bills to tip the dancers.

"It was grotesque," said Aldo.

Outside the bar, after being denied entry, Alex was assaulted by masked Antifa militants, who attend local events to see to it that the progressive agenda will be done.

Watch the video to see what happened when the police arrived.

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