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Kamala Harris’ husband: Masculinity is toxic

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Is masculinity toxic?

Well, according to Vice President Kamala Harris’ husband, Doug Emhoff, it’s very toxic, and we have a serious problem with it.

Emhoff smugly stated that “there’s too much toxicity. It’s masculine toxicity out there, and we’ve kind of confused what it means to be a man, what it means to be masculine. You’ve got this trope out there that you’ve got to be tough and angry and lash out. To be strong, it’s just the opposite.”

Sara Gonzales isn’t having it.

She jokes, “You guys should definitely take your masculinity advice from those yahoos over there. Definitely.”

She adds, “It’s fascinating to me because you listen to him say, ‘Oh people say that if you’re masculine you have to be angry and lash out at people.’ I literally know no one who says that.”

He’s referring to a trope that’s non-existent. He’s making it up. No one likes the guys who are angry all the time and lash out at people. That’s not what strong men aspire to be. But of course, Emhoff simply wouldn’t know.

John Doyle knows and says, “Masculinity is about being in control of your environment, in control of your emotions.”

Gonzales completely destroys Emhoff’s bogus argument, saying that the only people who are “confused” are the men being deluded into thinking that they were born in the wrong bodies.

John Doyle keeps the roast of his argument going, saying, “These are the kids who were wearing suits to school. They weren’t dating cheerleaders. They’re probably getting shoved into lockers by jocks, and so their concept of masculinity is ‘these people are mean to me or whatever.’ So they’re just, like, waging a war on it. But [Emhoff] has it completely backwards. What he’s describing is when you take feminine behavior and put it into a male’s body.”

Harsh words from John Doyle, but no lies detected.

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