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'We're ALL being gaslit': Ben Shapiro on why THIS stat should scare both conservatives AND liberals

'We're ALL being gaslit': Ben Shapiro on why THIS stat should scare both conservatives AND liberals

'It's really, really dangerous stuff and everybody feels it'

The Daily Wire's Ben Shapiro joined BlazeTV host Dave Rubin on "The Rubin Report" to talk about how the mainstream media manipulates statistics to make COVID-19 infection rates appear far worse than they actually are, why he doesn't fear authoritarianism from the government, but from cultural institutions that no longer encourage critical thinking and encourage silencing dissent instead, and to share frightening poll results that show how most people, except the far-left, are afraid to voice their politics publicly.

"The non-governmental institutions of society, in large part [are] becoming more and more intolerant of dissent, outlawing dissent, social ostracization, people losing their jobs, people having family members not speaking to them anymore. And this is leading to a complete breakdown in the possibility of us even having a republic together. It's really, really dangerous stuff and everybody feels it," Ben told Dave.

"We're all being gaslit by the media that says that this stuff is not important, or that, you know, it's just making the country better, but by polling data, every single subgroup in the United States, including mainstream liberals, with the exception of far-left radicals ... says they are afraid to say what they believe about politics publicly. That's insane, okay. That is a good indicator of where we are and how far we have to go," he added.

Ben also gave his prediction of what center-left liberals of the intellectual dark web, like Sam Harris and Bari Weiss, will have to do to prevent themselves from becoming victims of cancel culture, and shares the story of his "nice bucket challenge" on Twitter and why so few liberals took him up on it.

Watch the video clip from "The Rubin Report" below:

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