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Crowd squirms as John Fetterman asks questions that barely make sense

The Rubin Report

Dave Rubin doesn’t think too highly of our politicians, and with how the country is being handled, many other Americans don’t either.

“Joe Biden, not the best and the brightest. Kamala Harris, not the best and the brightest,” Rubin jokes.

But Rubin pulls up a clip of John Fetterman, and despite what America has seen of Harris and Biden, it might be even worse.

Fetterman, a U.S. senator, has recently been released from a hospital where he was dealing with depression and is now back on the Senate floor.

Rubin preps his audience for a disaster and says, “John Fetterman, may God have mercy on your soul,” before pressing play on the unedited video of the senator at a Senate hearing.

Fetterman is given the mic and takes off, saying “Is it staggering, is it a staggering responsibility that the head of a bank could literally, could literally crash our economy. It’s astonishing.”

He then dives into an incoherent rambling: “That’s like if you have, I mean like, and, and they also realize that, that, that now they have it’s in guaranteed, a guaranteed way to be saved by again no matter, no matter. By how. You know?”

It continues to get worse.

“So, isn’t it appropriate that those kinds of, that this kind of control should be more stricter, to prevent this kind of thing from going, or should we just go on and start bailing and sailing whoever bank regardless of how, however, their conduct is?”

“Honestly, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I really don’t,” Rubin responds.

“It’s confused, it’s muddled, like you sort of have a sense of what he’s saying — that we shouldn’t be bailing out banks because he wants money to go to other programs,” Rubin continues, “but it’s just like do you think, honestly, does anyone in this country honestly believe this man should be a senator?”

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