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'The View's' guest pushes this big lie as Joy Behar eggs him on

The Rubin Report

Actor Billy Porter went on "The View" to discuss the state of the world today.

Joy Behar starts by saying there’s a "war against trans people." Porter says the war is against all LGBTQ+ people and that those waging the war are doing it for “power.”

He continues, “Everything is about power, and you could always trace it back to the money … follow the money, follow the power, power at any cost. It’s very hypocritical. You know, the leading cause of death in children are [sic] guns ... not drag queens! Leave us alone! It's a distraction!"

Dave Rubin comments on how idiotic his rant was, saying that “there is no war on LGBTQ people. Nobody’s trying to arrest them. No one’s trying to put them in jail. No one is saying that consenting adults can’t live as they wish.”

He continues, “These people are genuinely insane.”

“Years from now they should put 'The View' in a time capsule, and the aliens will come down one day, and they will open it up and they will watch 'The View,' and they’ll be like, 'We better get out of here. Nothing good is happening here.'”

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