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THESE are the specific media outlets that have been COMPROMISED by the CIA according to RFK Jr.

THESE are the specific media outlets that have been COMPROMISED by the CIA according to RFK Jr.

Weirdly enough, conservatives seem to be more amicable with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. than his own party is.

It’s probably because he’s anti-establishment, anti-censorship, and pro-truth-telling. That’s enough to get you forever demonized by the left wing.

“Unfortunately, he will not be on a debate stage with Joe Biden because obviously the Democrats are not going to allow that to happen,” says Dave Rubin, but “here he is talking about how the CIA, part of the machine, uses their propaganda machine against us – the people of the United States of America.”

Dave then plays a clip of the Democratic candidate explaining how the CIA’s parameters have shifted and which media outlets are most likely compromised.

“There [was] a provision of the CIA charter that [said] that the CIA cannot propagandize the American people,” says RFK Jr., but when President Obama repealed this propaganda ban in 2016, “that essentially reopened the door for Operation Mockingbird” and “the CIA began once again to propagandize the American people.”

And for those who don’t know, “Operation Mockingbird was an operation to compromise American journalists,” according to the candidate.

“High-level intelligence officials or people associated with the intelligence industry are running those journals,” he continues.

What are “those journals,” you ask?

Just some of the biggest journalistic outfits out there.

“Noah Schlackman who runs Rolling Stone … Daily Beast was run by John Avalon,” who “has deep ties to the intelligence agencies,” RFK Jr. explains.

But it doesn’t stop there.

“Even journals like the Smithsonian and National Geographic, Nature, the Washington Post, the New York Times appear to be compromised by the CIA,” he continues.

“We know from the Twitter files that both the FBI and CIA were operating portals within Twitter and Facebook that allowed them to manipulate information and to deplatform people, and to … silence certain people that they didn’t like.”

“Today, the CIA is the biggest funder of journalism in the world,” RFK Jr. says.

“That is unbelievably powerful stuff,” says Dave.

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