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Media isn’t reporting Trump’s $195 billion win


New Law May Let Retirees Collect Up To $8,979 Monthly

By Justin Spittler

Dear Reader,

In May 2018 the Trump administration passed a bill called The Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act or S.2155 for short.

It’s a restructuring of the US financial system due to the 2008 bank “bailouts.” (I’m SURE you remember what we’re talking about.)

About $245 billion in bailout money was paid to banks–most of which were mega-banks like JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, and Bank of America.

But the problem is, executives at those banks misused much of this bailout money.

For example… Northern Trust Bank, which got $1.6 billion, threw lavish parties for executives paying millions to major musicians private concerts. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. (We explain all of the details HERE.)

At the same time, Americans who actually needed this money the most were left helpless.

The result?

About 4 million Americans lost their homes. And a whopping $11.2 trillion in household wealth was lost.

A Remedy for the Injustice

This new law “punishes” the big banks and stimulates the local markets in the private sector. It’s a legal remedy to bank CEO scandals and misappropriate use of taxpayer money.

President Trump says of it…

“By liberating small banks from excessive bureaucracy – and that’s what it was: bureaucracy – we are unleashing the economic potential of our people.”

What does this mean for everyday Americans?

Simply stated, it’s unlocked massive windfall opportunities for well-placed investors through what some insiders call, “Bailout Compensation Checks.”

$195 Billion Being Paid Out Now

Unfortunately, due to the mainstream media’s bias against President Trump, most American aren’t aware of this investment opportunity.

According to financial analyst, E.B. Tucker, the mainstream media doesn’t want people to know about these “Bailout Compensation Checks” so President Trump doesn’t receive credit.

It’s ridiculous.

Luckily, Casey Research, an independent financial research advisory, has produced a special briefing from E.B Tucker. The special briefing explains how anyone can begin receiving regular income through these “Bailout Compensation Checks.”

 Click here to watch this short presentation.

Sponsored by Casey Research

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