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What Saved 95% of Denmark's Jews From Hitler's Wrath?

What Saved 95% of Denmark's Jews From Hitler's Wrath?

How did the tiny nation of Denmark outwit Hitler and rescue their fellow countrymen from the murderous Nazis?

Did you know that most of the Jews living in Denmark in 1943 managed to avoid the Holocaust?

How did the tiny nation of Denmark outwit Hitler and rescue their fellow countrymen from the murderous Nazis?

Thanks to a tip from a German diplomat, the Danish resistance was alerted that the Germans were coming to round up the Jews for extermination. Danes of all faiths (and some with no professed faith) banded together and smuggled their Jewish friends and neighbors out of Denmark on fishing boats. The heroic actions of a few managed to bring 7220 of Denmark's 8000 Jews to safety in Sweden, barely ahead of advancing Nazis.

The Rescue of Denmark's Jews - Documentary from Leslie Sachnowitz Meimoun on Vimeo.

The "Hanne Frank" is the type of boat that saved the lives of so many Danish Jews. This 70-year-old fishing vessel with a heroic heritage has been donated to the Holocaust Museum in Houston, TX.

The boat is on display just a few feet from one of the German rail cars that transported millions of Jews to the horrific realities of the concentration camps. The "Hanne Frank" is a hopeful reminder of what can be accomplished when brave people stand together and confront evil and injustice.

The inspirational story of the Danish people's selfless actions is one that must be saved for future generations. The centerpiece of that story is this vessel. However, after dutifully performing her service for the Danish people, the "Hanne Frank" is in trouble.

Time and the Texas weather have taken a toll on the craft and it needs to be restored and preserved. In order to protect the ship from the brutal elements, a platform and protective awning must be built to shelter this vital Holocaust-era artifact.

The preservation of history is one of the noblest and vital causes of our time. And yet, government support and many of the usual funding sources that provided for the preservation of history are drying up or being cut back to bare bones levels. The people at B.R. Howard & Associates, Inc. are working with the museum to assure that the "Hanne Frank" will survive. In the past, Federal funds and a host of various programs and grants were available for important preservation projects like this. These programs have either been eliminated or cut back so severely that they cannot help.

B.R. Howard & Associates, Inc. believes there are passionate individuals willing to stand shoulder to shoulder and help preserve vital pieces of history like the "Hanne Frank."

We invite you to join us. Please partner with us to save our history, one piece at a time. Visit our website  to view some of the artifacts we have already preserved as well as the current projects that are looking for assistance.

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