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WATCH: Former detective shares how to show the next generation that Christianity is rational

Steve Deace
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Steve Deace, host of the "Steve Deace Show" was joined by author J. Warner Wallace to discuss his new book called "So the Next Generation Will Know," which explains how to teach the next generation that they can believe the gospel from a rational and scientific perspective.

In this clip, Deace asked Wallace to explain his background as a former homicide detective and how his career led him to find faith and become a youth pastor.

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Wallace said he worked as a detective in Los Angeles County and spent most of his career working on cold case homicides. He explained that he had never stepped foot in an evangelical church aside from attending the occasional funeral.

"I was not a Christian, not raised in a Christian setting and my wife was more interested — I thought at the time —just to raise our kids. ... I was not interested and didn't know anyone who was," Wallace said.

One Sunday, while attending church with his family, Wallace was prompted to purchase a Bible after hearing a sermon about how smart Jesus was. This simple statement sparked curiosity and prompted Wallace to read the gospel to find out what Jesus said that was "so smart."

After reading the gospel, Wallace told Deace that he was not satisfied due to the gospel having a similar "texture" to the type of eyewitness testimony he observed throughout his career as a homicide detective. Soon he began to test the eyewitness accounts found throughout the Bible and his investigation led to him becoming a Christian and youth pastor.

Deace explained how he approached Christianity from a philosophical perspective and could not move forward in his faith until a religious worldview could answer three questions and pass his "intellectual test."

Intellectual Test

  • Why is the world the way that it is?
  • Why are we the way that we are?
  • What can be done about it?

Deace explained that Christianity answered his questions, and though he did not necessarily like some of the answers, he was satisfied with the answers that he received. From that point, Deace was able to move forward and understand how Christianity could indeed save him.

Wallace concurred, and added that most people are Christians because they were raised in the church and believe what their parents believed. He explained that it is for that reason that the Muslim population is growing because Muslims are reproducing faster than Christians and are outnumbering Christianity based on numbers.

Wallace asserted that Christians must teach the youth to approach Christianity from a philosophical perspective and parents must engage their children and raise them to be Christian.

Watch the video below for details.

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