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Theresa May's Brexit plan overwhelmingly defeated by Parliament

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The results could lead to a no-deal Brexit

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In an overwhelming (yet predicted) landslide defeat, Parliament rejected British Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit plan. May has spent the last two years creating this plan, since the UK voted in 2016 to leave the European Union.

What happened?

Parliament voted against May 432 to 202.

Without this deal in place, the future of how Brexit will play out is uncertain. Brexit is scheduled to take effect on March 29, although European Union leaders have said that it is open to allowing an extension on this deadline if necessary. In this case, all 27 remaining member nations would have to to vote to grant an extension.

So-called "remainers" hope that this could lead to a second referendum vote that would keep the U.K. in the European Union, but this seems unlikely.

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has brought forward a vote of no confidence against Theresa May's government.

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