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A triple division among conservatives that can only be mended with grace

Dana Loesch

Dana Loesch, host of TheBlaze's Dana, frankly defined three categories — nay, divisions — of the conservative movement, and then made a plea for grace and unity among the disgruntled siblings.

  1. Early adopters to Trump. They endorsed the real estate mogul early.

  2. The reluctant Trump supporters. Trump was not their candidate in the Primary "but they realized that you go to war with the soldiers that you have.”

  3. NeverTrumpers. A smaller and passionate group. "It’s a group that has fought for principle longer and harder than people who are criticizing them today.” 

"I think that we need to exhibit grace going forward," she said. "We need to be gracious. And we need to demonstrate grace. The folks who were the early adopters of Trump, y'all don't need to be the 'mean girls' of the Republican Party. You all don't need to be the bouncers of the Republican Party because you need that unity."

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