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Alexa, are you invading my privacy?': Amazon Echo records, sends private convo to contact

Glenn Beck

Amazon has confirmed that an Alexa device recorded a couple's conversation and sent it to another Amazon Echo user who was in their contact list.

The company says the combination of misinterpreted commands was extremely rare. Alexa "heard" her name or a word that sounded similar, turned on and then interpreted the conversation as a "send message" request. The voice assistant then asked, "[contact name], right?" and interpreted the rest of the conversation as a "yes."

On today's show, Pat wasn't sure if he bought Amazon's explanation of the chain of events that led to a private conversation being sent to a random contact.

"That's convoluted, but they don't want it to seem like that's happening on purpose, because that would doom the Echo system from everybody's home," Pat said.

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