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Breaking down the cost of the future Air Force One

Dana Loesch

Ed Morrissey, a conservative blogger, joins Dana to discuss the new Air Force One replacement for not only the President-Elect Trump but all future presidents. The current Air Force One is approaching 30 years old which is the maximum lifespan that makes the Secret Service feel comfortable.

Dana posed the question on whether Trump is getting a good deal or punishing Boeing. Ed explains Trump could be setting a baseline for future renegotiation's, but is unsure whether it has to be with Boeing or the United States Air Force. The breakdown is about the four billion dollar mark and all the costs therein between modifications, the decoy and the primary plane in which Dana sneaks in a Star Wars joke.

"What I think Trump is trying to do is trying to say, hey look I'm going to take a businessman's look at all of these different things and I think four billion dollars is way too high for what we're doing here," Ed reveals.

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