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Captain abandoned by US high command in Afghanistan speaks out

Glenn Beck

Captain Roger Hill told his astonishing story on Friday’s “Glenn Beck Program.” The author of “Dog Company: A True Story of American Soldiers Abandoned by Their High Command,” opened up about being deserted in Afghanistan by the U.S. government.

Hill found out that his company had 12 spies in it, including their interpreter. He was told by high command simply to release the infiltrators — and as a result of not following the orders to let the spies go, Hill himself was put under investigation.

“How frightened were you of your own country?” Glenn asked.

Hill described how he was put into isolation at another base in Afghanistan while waiting for the investigation to be completed. He spent the time packing on some 20 pounds of muscle, “worried about going to [the federal prison compound] Leavenworth.”

While he was frightened on an essential level for his own physical safety, Hill also battled with feeling betrayed by the country he volunteered to fight for.

“I think that that’s the part that scared me the most about my own government: the infringement on the freedoms we think we have.”

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