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Dana Loesch: Another day, another fake outrage over the Trump transition

Dana Loesch

The Trump administration has made a move to sweep away some of the last remaining links to the Obama administration. On Friday, 46 Obama era Justice Department prosecutors were asked to tender their resignations immediately from the U.S. Department of Justice.

The Trump administration says many of the U.S. attorneys nominated by the previous administration have already left, and those asked to resign Friday were asked to do so to provide “a uniform transition."

One of those lawyers, Preet Bharara, Obama’s attorney for the southern district of New York is being portrayed by some as a political martyr. Back in 2009, when President Obama replaced Bush appointed attorneys, it was treated as business as usual. Likewise, it was treated as no big deal when former President Clinton replaced 93 of 94 U.S. attorneys.

Former DOJ attorney Hans Von Spakovsky joins Dana Loesch to discuss the hypocritical outrage.

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