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Déjà vu: UK baby faces same fate as Charlie Gard as family loses court appeal to continue treatment


The BBC reported that the parents of Alfie Evans have had their parental rights stripped from them by Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool, England. Alfie is just under 2 years old and was admitted to the hospital on December 14, 2016, for seizures and has remained in the hospital ever since.

The hospital made a claim to the High Court declaring that "continued ventilator support is not in Alfie's best interests and in the circumstances it is not lawful that such treatment continue."

According to the BBC, the court ruled in favor of the hospital on February 1 deeming further treatment for Alfie "futile and inhumane." Alfie's father, Tom Evans, has reached out to Pope Francis and the Vatican in Rome to intervene on behalf of the family's legal battle.

On Wednesday's episode of "The News and Why it Matters," Glenn and the panel contested the court's decision and gave an update on the child's state of health as nurses and hospital staff have stopped caring for Alfie.

See the clip above.

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