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Designers envision 'Ecotopia' non-wall alternative for the US and Mexico

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A company by the name of Made Collective has offered an alternative to President Donald Trump's proposed border wall to both the American and Mexican governments. According to The Verge, this non-wall would stretch over 2,000 kilometers of the U.S. border with Mexico, encouraging free movement between nations via iris scanning and other biometric markers.

The mysterious members of Made Collective, who do not associate their faces with their plans, name this utopian vision of the border Otra Nation. They imagine free movement and trade on the borderlands via implanted microchips instead of passports, to be powered by 90,000 kilometeres of solar panels.

This anti-wall would also feature a hyperloop transportation system. The designers hope it will bring Mexicans and Americans together both culturally and socially by “integrating social infrastructure for healthcare, community, sports and leisure centers.”

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