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Elon Musk warns AI may cause global war

Glenn Beck

Tesla’s billionaire CEO delivered a dire warning to U.S. governors this weekend: Regulate robots before it’s too late, something out of character for the SpaceX founder who is often associated with anti-regulation ideology.

Elon Musk vehemently cautioned top leaders at the bipartisan National Governors Association in Rhode Island that artificial intelligence is an “existential threat” to humanity and must be regulated immediately.  Musk advised politicians that robots will outperform humans in the future, take jobs, and even cause global wars.

"I think people should be really concerned about it," Musk said during a question and answer session. "I keep sounding the alarm bell."

But not all political leaders and Silicon Valley trailblazers are heeding Musk’s ominous premonition. Opponents of the scientist turned billionaire believe his argument is self-serving. Some view it as an attempt by Musk to elevate his brand and is solely a strategic sales tactic.

In this episode of "Think Tank," Glenn Beck discussed Musk’s latest warning and how colonizing Mars may be the only path to survival should governments fail to regulate AI.

“It’s why he’s going to Mars. He thinks we’re all going to be wiped out,” said Glenn. “The first real problem is going to be with fake news. If AI figures out it can control us, it can cause wars just by faking documents, faking news stories, faking tweets etc.”

Artificial intelligence is already transforming news as we know it. It was reported that the Press Association, a leading UK news agency is using Urbs Media funded by Google to aid journalists in producing 30,000 local stories per month.

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