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Federal judge allows protesters' lawsuit against Trump to proceed


President Donald Trump's legal team suffered a setback last week when a federal judge refused to throw out a lawsuit against the president which accused him of inciting violence against protesters at a campaign rally in Louisville, Kentucky, last year. The suit was filed by three individuals who claim they were attacked while protesting at a Trump rally after Trump repeatedly urged his followers to "get them out of here."

Glenn Beck and the Think Tank panel argued the merits of the case Monday, leading to vigorous debate. Blogger Allie Stuckey admitted that Trump's comments may have ill-advised, but she worried that an eventual ruling in the plaintiffs' favor would lead to a "slippery slope" of public figures being held liable for the actions of their followers.

Sara Gonzales, meanwhile, pointed to Trump's pattern of encouraging aggression among his followers as evidence that he may well have intended for the rally's attendees to treat the protesters roughly.

Audrea Taylor, president of Millennial-focused non-profit im2moro, offered that she had never been assaulted when participating in peaceful protests and wondered if the plaintiffs in this case escalated the situation by acting aggressively themselves.

Glenn took a more moderate view, agreeing that simply asking for protesters to be removed was not enough to reasonably be considered inciting violence. He also acknowledged Trump's history of violent rhetoric during frequent protests that interrupted his campaign events, which may have fostered an overall atmosphere of combativeness among his supporters.

"He clearly has a foundation of telling his crowd, 'I like it when you do that. I support you when you do that," said Glenn.

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