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Florida Democrat Bill Nelson claims background checks could have prevented Florida mass killings

Doc Thompson

Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) spoke with CNN's Wolf Blitzer on Monday and declared that "comprehensive universal background checks" could have prevented the mass killings in Florida despite the fact that the Parkland killer passed both.

Nelson was speaking of gun control following another tragic killing that happened at a Madden Tournament in Jacksonville, Florida, last weekend.

On Wednesday, Doc Thompson and Kris Cruz lamented that the senator's statement isn't quite rooted in logic.

"At the very least, just common sense would tell you we outta have a law that is a comprehensive universal background check on the acquisition or purchase of a gun," Nelson said.

"That would have caught Omar Mateen, the killer in the Pulse nightclub," Nelson added. Mateen also passed a background check.

"That's getting a little bit political," Doc quipped. "Just a little bit, right? Because this issue is a political issue."

Doc then went into what it takes to pass a background check and why it wouldn't be effective in detecting mental health issues.

See the clip above.

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