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Glenn Beck on Dems' antics at Kavanaugh hearing: 'It’s all a charade, a temper tantrum\

Glenn Beck on Dems' antics at Kavanaugh hearing: 'It’s all a charade, a temper tantrum\

On day one of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing, Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) was barely able to get out a few words of his opening remarks before the Democrats' constant interruptions began. Then protesters, led by Linda Sarsour, shouted and shrieked until they were removed from the room. The chaos within the halls of the U.S. Senate looked like a kindergarten class-gone-rogue.

"What a complete dumpster fire the Kavanaugh hearing was yesterday," Glenn said Wednesday on "The Glenn Beck Radio Program.” "It was shameful and embarrassing. This is the United States of America?"

"It was a total sideshow representing the absolute worst in American politics," said Glenn, who played several video clips from the hearing.

According to Politico, Democratic senators held a conference call on Labor Day to plan the charade and eventually agreed on the shout down — a tactic you’ll find at basically every leftist protest or riot, Glenn noted.

"Now we have elected officials mimicking groups like Occupy Wall Street within the halls of the Senate. What’s next? Why don't we all just imitate and mimic Antifa?" Glenn asked.

"This is a red herring. It's a goat rope, a cluster, a clown car, however you want to describe it. It’s all a charade, a temper tantrum to draw attention," he added. "Democrats just used the Kavanaugh hearings to play like the toddler who decided to lay down in the store kicking and screaming because Mom or Dad would not buy them a toy. Welcome to kindergarten. Welcome to the United States Senate circa 2018."

Watch the video clip above to hear more from Glenn.

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