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Glenn: The idea of American exceptionalism is worth fighting for amid Russian revelations

Glenn Beck

Today on the “Glenn Beck Program,” Glenn Beck encouraged his audience to fight for the good against the corrupt political system. He took issue with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, whom he believes downplayed American exceptionalism and Russia’s interference in the US election on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

As Democrats questioned Republican patriotism amidst the Russian scandal and argued whether or not Russian meddling resulted in Trump being elected president, Carlson blamed it all on hysteria.

"Thanks to the hysteria over Trump's election, Russia is now the 'single most evil country in the history of the world,'" he said on his show Thursday night. "What's the cost of this hysteria to America right now?" he added. "We still have a world to run. How much harder is this making it?"

Glenn went on to explain the critical role American values have in world affairs while noting that although the country is divided, American values are worth fighting for:

“I heard Tucker Carlson kind of shrug off the idea of American exceptionalism and the idea of the whole ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington’ as cheesy. It’s not.”

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