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Group of feminist moms openly regret having children


A recent "Daily Wire" article about women who openly admit that they regret having children has been widely shared online. Doc Thompson and Kari Malinak, guest hosts of "Pat & Stu," discuss how these comments likely affect the psyches of the children in question, who now know with certainty just how unwanted they are.

Doc then shares some blunt words of wisdom for these heartless moms.

"Okay, number one, then you're a dumbass for having children, getting pregnant in the first place," Doc proclaims. "Number two, now that you have gotten pregnant, you have a responsibility to raise these children. And I'm sorry, but if you're telling your children openly how much you shouldn't have had them, you're being an irresponsible parent."

Doc then offers some simple, timeless advice: "When all else fails in parenting, hug your children."

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