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Harvard study shows eating gluten-free could be harmful

Pat and Stu

Harvard University researchers conducted a 26-year-long study that revealed eating a gluten-free diet didn’t reduce the risk of heart disease. Using data from 120,000 people, the study found that removing gluten doesn’t make a difference for people who don’t have celiac disease, and it may actually be detrimental if people don’t get enough heart-friendly whole grains in their diet. On Wednesday’s “Pat & Stu,” the guys took a look at the study.

“Unless you’re there, and you’re actually allergic to it … unless that’s you, there’s no reason to go gluten-free,” Pat Gray asserted. “In fact, it’s silly because bread is the staff of life. Is it not? Did we not learn that somewhere?”

“I think it was on Reddit,” Stu returned.

Jeffy Fisher thought that people who are eating gluten-free even though they don’t have celiac disease should learn from his example.

“This is why I say, ‘Everything in moderation,’” Jeffy said.

“You have never done anything in moderation except for the extreme moderation of exercise,” Stu countered.

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