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‘Hostile’ architecture in public spaces is the latest thing progressives are OUTRAGED about

Glenn Beck

What’s going on?

People are decrying “hostile” architecture in public spaces, or designs that are purposely uncomfortable to rest on for long periods of time.

Park benches are for … sleeping?

Generally, these designs discourage people from sleeping in public spaces overnight. One example is when public benches are designed with armrests to stop people from lying down on them. Bolts on the ground, fixtures in window sills and short benches all prevent people from leaning or lying down comfortably.

Glenn’s take:

Progressives need their daily steaming cup of outrage to keep going. Whenever they run out of ideas, they can look around and pick a new topic to be angry about. Why not public benches, which are definitely not supposed to be designed to encourage people to use them as a bed?

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