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How will fried spaghetti perform on Pat & Stu's famous Spoons scale?


Pat Gray and Jeff Fisher stop by the Texas State Fair to try some of the creative deep-fried concoctions, and Stu Burguiere compares the thin crowd on one of the fair's final days to a scene from "The Walking Dead." Once they settle on sampling fried spaghetti and meatballs, the two gourmands differ sharply in their assessment of the Italian treat. Using the tried-and-true 18 spoons rating scale, Jeffy gives fried spaghetti a five; Pat, however, views the dish much more favorably.

"If I had just come to the fair and this was the only thing I've had all day, it might be a fifteen, I don't know." Pat opines. "But right now, after I've eaten, it's a ten."

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