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If Trump released classified info, could it result in a Pence presidency?

Glenn Beck

Washington is in turmoil as more reports surface that President Donald Trump shared highly classified information with Russian officials, endangering relationships with U.S. allies as well as the safety of intelligence sources. How should conservatives respond?

Glenn Beck had a plan on Tuesday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program”: Stay away from people with torches and pitchforks on either side. Don’t follow the people who are out to attack Trump or the people who want to completely discredit the media.

“We don’t follow either of these people,” Glenn said. “We follow reason, we follow logic and we follow best practices.”

The next step is to call for a subpoena of national security adviser H.R. McMaster and homeland security adviser Tom Bossert and find out the truth about what was said in the meeting with Russia officials, Glenn asserted. The key piece of information is whether or not Trump revealed the name of a city.

If it’s true that Trump compromised our national security, conservatives who value the Constitution should call for him to step down and for Vice President Mike Pence to take his place, Glenn declared.

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