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Jamie McIntyre praises Trump Sec. Def. target General James Mattis: 'A legendary leader

Dana Loesch

Jamie McIntyre, senior national security and defense writer at the "Washington Post," joins Dana Loesch to discuss General James "Mad Dog" Mattis (USMC, Ret.) and his qualifications for Secretary of Defense. Dana and Jamie are both thrilled with the possibility that General Mattis could be tapped by the Donald Trump administration for such a vital Cabinet position.

"This is like my fantasy pick for Sec. Def." Dana proclaims.

Jamie also sings General Mattis' praises: "I think it's a lot of people's fantasy pick, frankly. General Mattis is widely respected in the military, loved by his men and women who fought under him, a legendary leader, and as you said, very very quotable."

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