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Tomi: Liberals preach peace and love and life — except when it comes to the unborn


Tomi shares her "Final Thoughts" on Lena Dunham's shocking recent comments on abortion. While discussing reproductive rights on her podcast, Dunham said, "Now I can say that I still haven't had an abortion, but I wish I had." Dunham went on to say she would be a more authentic pro-abortion voice if she had participated in the practice herself.

Tomi opines that this sort of behavior delegitimizes the modern-day feminist movement; Dunham is damaging her own narrative and the pro-choice movement by her callous, tone-deaf comments. Tomi observes that Dunham is "pushing herself over the edge, and we're happy to watch her tumble."

"Here I thought the loving left snowflake marchers were all peace and love and life. Except when it comes to the unborn I suppose, then it's a different story," Tomi says. "A story they write and re-write to fit their narrative and legitimize trolls like Lena Dunham."

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