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Mark Levin: Health care debate reveals that Republicans are progressives, too

Glenn Beck

The Republican Party has drifted far away from the Constitution and is firmly a progressive party, author and commentator Mark Levin said on Tuesday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.”

In Levin’s latest book, “Rediscovering Americanism: And the Tyranny of Progressivism,” he explains why we need to preserve American exceptionalism and return to our country’s founding values.

Because Republicans have given up on conservatism, there is no one left to defend the Constitution, Levin said on Tuesday’s show.

“The Republican Party is a progressive party,” he said. “The Democrat party is a radical progressive party. But there’s no constitutional party.”

As people war over the Senate’s health care bill with extreme rhetoric, no one is fighting for our founding ideals. The Affordable Care Act hasn’t even been around for a decade, but suddenly thousands of people will die if it’s repealed?

Every government department and federal agency and both political parties have been taken over by progressivism, a movement to emphasize the collective public good while trampling on the rights of individuals, Levin asserted.

“This is a battle over the future of America,” he said. “It’s a battle over humanity.”

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