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Millennials are being drawn to jobs you wouldn't expect


Old-timey jobs are returning in the digital age. Millennials are reportedly drawn to being barbers and bartenders because they want to counteract the “ephemerality” of today’s society.

Gentrification is changing the job market in Brooklyn, Portland and Pittsburgh as college graduates work as barbers, butchers and craft brewers, the Wall Street Journal reported. Sociologist Richard Ocejo documented the phenomenon of millennials who are drawn to working with their hands on tangible products in a new book titled “Masters of Craft: Old Jobs in the New Urban Economy.”

Ocejo’s theory is that millennials are drawn to jobs that were once viewed as low-income manual labor occupations as a way to counteract “the ephemerality of the digital age.”

While discussing the return of old-timey jobs, Doc Thompson remembered a time that Glenn Beck told him the future is in authenticity on Wednesday’s “Pat & Stu.” The millennials who want to work with their hands again illustrate something Glenn once said: Handcrafted products will be important because people want authenticity in their lives.

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