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Millennials claim to want socialism, but do they even know what it is? Here are the facts


According to Gallup, 69% of millennials say that they'd be willing to vote for a socialist for president. Do millennials understand that socialism is anathema to the values of independence, entrepreneurship and ambition they so proudly tout? Allie Stuckey explains why socialism is NOT the route millennials want to go down.

Many millennials believe they deserve things, so they are more susceptible to the seductive power of socialism than those who believe they should earn things. Never mind that collectivist regimes have killed over 100 million people.

They also believe that socialism will make people nicer because they are no longer striving for money, and that Venezuela is only failing because the government is corrupt. Allie argued that it's corrupt because it is socialist, concentrating power in the hands of a few.

Brave, empowered, creative individuals benefit most from capitalism. If millennials identify with those adjectives, they'd do best to learn the realities of socialism.

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