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Millennials' expectations for marriage have become a perfectionistic fantasy


Tracy Levinson spoke with Texas native and Keeps Boutique founder Emily Cassidy about the misguided perception of marriage in the modern world.

"You're chasing something that you think it's going to be, you know, perfect and this kind of fairy tale once you find that person, and it's great," Emily said. "But the truth is, is that it's not what you think it is."

Tracy questioned where that misguided fantasy might come from, and Emily cited the proliferation of options for forming casual social connections as a contributing factor to young Americans' loneliness and lack of fulfillment.

However, Tracy and Emily both praised Millennials for their dogged pursuit of purpose in life.

"You don't want to just have a job because it's going to make you money," Tracy said. "That's so true. You want what you're doing to connect to something that you value."

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