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Millennials would rather talk to their friends and not parents about sex and dating


Tracy Levinson, author of the book 'Unashamed' sat down with longtime friend Jon Brooks to talk about (but not down to) millennials. Jon Brooks is a pastor and a coach in the Dallas-Fort Worth area who specializes in connecting with young adults.

Tracy noted that in her generation more focus was made on receiving information, or, being talked "to," while Jon pointed out that millennials reject that and insist on being talked "with."

Another distinction was the difference in the openness to talk about sex between the generations. Tracy remarked that the younger generation willingly talks among themselves about sex, but prefers not to talk to adults, while her generation was far more likely to talk to no one.

Levinson acknowledged that, while wisdom generally flows from the older generation to the younger, millennials often have valuable insights worthy of being shared.

To see more from Tracy, visit her channel on TheBlaze.

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