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Allie: Hey racists, you can't sit with conservatives


The Charlottesville, Virginia, violence between white supremacist protesters and counter protesters -- made up of persons supporting Antifa and Black Lives Matter -- resulted in the death of Heather Heyer. James Alex Fields Jr. allegedly ran his car into her and 19 other persons. Heyer was one of the counter protesters.

Allie Stuckey explained why, as a conservative, she's been focused more on the evils of white supremacists than that of Antifa. She knows Antifa is violent and as fascist as the fascists it claims to fight.

Allie is appalled that the white supremacists of Unite the Right claim to be on her side. "Everyone's already heard me denounce the violence, the anti-free speech, the anti-freedom actions of the left," she said. She has even made several videos to that effect.

She's been having conversations with people on the left who share a "hatred of hate," which is very different from supremacists who don't care about small government or preserving the Constitution.

"Conserving whiteness isn't conservative at all," she added.

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