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Reporter accuses Sarah Huckabee Sanders of 'street politics,' claims she felt physically threatened

Pat Gray Unleashed

April Ryan, a.k.a. the left's darling reporter who can do no wrong, accused press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders of engaging in "street politics" during their exchange on Thursday's briefing at the White House.

“Why is it I'm asking similar types of questions like all the rest of the room but she’s coming at me that way?” claimed Ryan. “Why? What did I do differently than anyone?” A few days later she told CNN's Don Lemon she felt Sanders was trying to start a "physical fight" and accused the press secretary of engaging in "street politics."

The exchange between the women was over Rudy Giuliani's remarks about President Donald Trump's attorney reimbursing $130,000 of hush money to adult film actress Stormy Daniels.

See the contentious exchange below:

Pat had some scathing thoughts on the matter on Friday's episode of "Pat Gray Unleashed."

See his reaction above. 

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