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San Francisco bans Facebook from providing free staff lunches to stimulate local economy


Silicon Valley tech giants have a reputation for the unusual perks they offer their employees. Free lunches, nap rooms, indoor slides and the like all occupy the offices of tech-savvy millennials at LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google, but a 2014 law by the city of San Francisco will now ban Facebook from providing free lunches to their employees at their Mountain View offices.

Why? They're a private company, they can do whatever they want...

Well, not exactly. The reason for the ban is so that local tenants benefit from some 2,000 individuals employed at Facebook's new offices.

Instead, they will be encouraged to spend their money on local businesses to stimulate the local economy. Kris and Doc found it ironic that one progressive idea conflicted with another. Apparently, the ruling was passed in 2014 by City officials.

Check out the clip above to hear about the perks -- or lack thereof.

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