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Take time to show respect for fallen American heroes of 2016


Tomi discusses a photo she was tagged in on Instagram that breaks down the number of first responders and military service members America lost in 2016. She reports that the sobering photo stopped her in her tracks, and after she shared the post on her Twitter account it received over eight thousand retweets. She then urges her viewers to remember these American heroes we lost in 2016, just as we mourn the public figures who passed away.

"We lost a lot of great musicians, actors, directors and sports figures in 2016. Very sad," Tomi says. "But though we rarely see their names on a headline or even acknowledgement, we lost 140 police officers killed in the line of duty. We lost 87 firefighters and 14 United States service members. We owe those brave folks and their families a huge debt of gratitude."

She goes on: "Celebrities and public figures are great, but can you name one star that died caring for you, your family, your community, your country, your safety, or your freedom?"

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