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The wage gap is a myth


Do women really make 77 cents to every dollar a man makes? Allie Stuckey, The Conservative Millennial, explains why this is a myth.

There are two ways to analyze wage differences between men and women: an uncontrolled wage gap or a controlled wage gap. The uncontrolled wage gap reflects the 77 cent statistic. It does not account for the factors in women's lives, such as their choice to work part time, take time to off raise children, and a number of other reasons a woman may choose to be at work less than a man.

The controlled wage gap, which accounts for these factors, narrows the gap to 98 cents to the dollar and may only reflect a margin of error or women's reluctance to negotiate for higher pay and bonuses.

Allie noted that "making women out to be victims is the opposite of empowerment."

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