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Culture Wars: These three Twitter trends will make your head explode

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Culture Wars: These three Twitter trends will make your head explode

No one is safe from the culture war

It is hard to deny that today's culture seems to be on fire. The list of reasons for our cultural demise seems endless, but Twitter helps us narrow the list down daily. Every day, stories trending on Twitter help us determine what people care about based on the number of accounts talking about individual issues.

On Tuesday, three trending stories from Twitter's entertainment trends painted a grim picture of our cultural demise:

  • Blueface tussles with his girlfriend in public
  • Beyoncé is not immune from the woke mob
  • Tinder and hookup culture is why we can't have nice relationships

Johnathan Jamall Porter, aka Blueface, is an American rapper who found himself grappling with his girlfriend, Chrisean, in the streets of Hollywood.

If you are like me, you have no clue who Blueface is, nor do you care. There is, however, a newsworthy take on this story. While it is easy to say men shouldn't hit women and leave it at that, there is another side to this story. After allegedly learning his girlfriend was engaging in inappropriate communication with two other men, Blueface appeared to be trying to walk away. In the video, the rapper is repeatedly assaulted as he is trying to walk away from Chrisean.

It should go without saying that men should not hit women. But women should also stop thinking they have the freedom to assault a man. This trend of public displays of violence is becoming more common every day.

The United Nations claims that violence against women in public places is a global issue. And that may be true. Blueface, however, is one of many men who finds himself branded as a woman beater when he himself is a victim.

In other news, Beyoncé learned she is not immune to the woke mob. After releasing her newest album, "Renaissance," the Grammy winner faced backlash over a lyric that contains an "ableist slur."

The disabled community was offended by the song "Heated" for using the word "spaz." Spaz is defined as a slang phrase meaning to "go crazy." "Spaz" is also a slang term for spastic paralysis and is considered offensive in the U.K. Regardless, Insider reported that a rep for Beyoncé "confirmed that the lyric will be changed."

“The word, not used intentionally in a harmful way, will be replaced," Glamour reported

Finally, trending on Twitter today was a story that examined ten years of the Tinder "dating" app. Apps like Tinder raise questions about the way "dating" apps affect relationships and even ruin relationships. The Cut published an article about a young woman's 10-year Tinder timeline. In the article, she explains the why she joined Tinder and how her longest relationship during the past decade was with the Tinder app, and it was not a fruitful relationship.

Comments from Twitter users lamented their unsuccessful Tinder trouble claiming that Tinder "has been unhealthy" and "has completely destroyed dating."

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