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This woman married a train station. What's the next thing someone will 'marry'?


Former Vice President Joe Biden officiated a gay wedding of two longtime White House staffers over the weekend, tweeting a picture of himself and the two men from the ceremony. The “Pat & Stu” guest hosts talked on Wednesday’s show about the disintegration of traditional marriage and went down a strange rabbit trail: the woman who fell in love with a Southern California train station.

People have expanded the definition of marriage in odd ways in recent years. Some have married themselves, while others have vowed to love inanimate objects.

“It was the woman who married the train station who really got me,” Brad Staggs said. While strange, marrying a train station has its perks, as Brad pointed out.

Carol Santa Fe, 45, told the Daily Mail that she married the Santa Fe train station in San Diego in 2015, calling the station “Daidra.” She said she had been in love with the station since she was 9.

One perk of marrying a train station is that you would win every argument, Brad pointed out. “I mean, think of all the positives,” he said. “They never talk back.”

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