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Trump blasts CNN for being 'fake as hell' and calls NBC's Chuck Todd a 'sleeping son of a b***h

Pat Gray Unleashed

President Donald Trump was energized at a rally for a GOP candidate in Moon Township, Pennsylvania, on Saturday and lambasted CNN for being "fake as hell."

The president was extremely displeased by the way the network covered his planned meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

“Did you ever see the story where it’s 1999, I’m on Meet the Press, a show now headed by sleepy eyes Chuck Todd,” said Trump to a cheerful crowd.

“He’s a sleeping son of a bitch, I’ll tell you.” This drew ire from many media talking heads including Tom Brokaw who questioned how they would explain the president's behavior to their children.

Trump was originally touting his administration's historic move to visit with North Korea, but stuck to Trump fashion and veered off script to insult members in the media.

"This is fantastic. This is amazing. A certain anchor on CNN, fake as hell, CNN, the worst. So fake. Fake news. And their ratings are lousy by the way," he said to the crowd who began cheering "CNN sucks." He also compared CNN to Fox News.


Watch the president below: 

Trump's hostility toward the network has been mounting for some time. This is just the latest in a series of jabs against the left-leaning news organization.

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