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Trump presidency will decimate Obama's legacy

Pat and Stu

TheBlaze's rebel rousing hosts Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere look at how much the American government has shifted from left to right during President Obama's presidency alone, and they evaluate what it means for Obama's legacy.

"Here's a guy who made his name in the public sphere calling (Obama) a non-citizen and an ineligible president and we're just like, 'Alright let's elect that guy,'" Burguiere said. "That is like... want to talk about a slap in the face to his legacy."

Burguiere cited a few telling statistics about the general American public's lost appetite for liberal policies:

— When Obama was first elected, Democrats held the House and the Senate, as well as 29 governors and 27 state legislatures

It's been downhill from there:

— Now Democrats have lost majority in the House, the Senate, and are down to 18 governors and only 12 state legislatures

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