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Trump talks tough on trade, but will he walk the walk?

Glenn Beck

President-elect Donald Trump has made headlines throughout his campaign for his bold promises on the U.S. economy and foreign trade. Glenn Beck joins the Think Tank gang to discuss several of Trump's proposals, how likely he is to follow through on them, their constitutionality, and the drastic consequences they might bring to bear on the American consumer. In the process, Glenn voices his concerns that the massive tariffs Trump has proposed will drive up prices on a range of common purchases and lead to a trade war.

"The biggest losers will be people that shop at Wal-Mart," Glenn points out. "Well, that's the bottom of the ladder. And that means a 38% increase if they want to pass on that cost, which Wal-Mart would have to. I mean, they're not going to eat the rest of the tariff. Who's going to pay for it? You will."

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