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Trump's new Secretary of State nominee deserves a chance to form a positive relationship with Russia

Dana Loesch

Robert Charles, former Assistant Secretary of State under George W. Bush, joins Dana to discuss Donald Trump's nomination of Rex Tillerman for Secretary of State and his relationship with Vladimir Putin. Robert reminds us that although Putin happens to be the leader at the moment, "the Russian people are an extraordinary group who've given us extraordinary people, from mathematicians, to musicians, to writers."

Robert informs us that President Reagan noticed and emphasized the large amount of commonality between America and Russia; for example, both nations are predominately Christian. In Robert's view, the two cultures have grown more similar over the past eight years.

"Paper's cheap and words are cheap," Robert explains. "Ultimately it comes back to whether they can trust the United States of America and we can trust what gets signed on the other side. And if there's a relationship that can help make that real...I think that's worth giving a chance."

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